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Guest FAQ –

  • How do I search for a property ?

Just log on to   , type a location into our search boxes on our homepage, fill in the details of your stay (dates , number of guests ) and click on search for hotels our compare from the deals.

  • Is Roomeo247 safe ?

Roomeo247 is absolutely safe. We have taken measures when it comes to securing your booking process which includes genuine reviews and secure payment gateways.

  • Do I pay through the website ?

We have two methods of payment for you to select from :

1. Pay directly at the hotel upon arrival.

2. Pay using your credit and debit card by using our Paypal payment gateway.

  • I am booking for the first time. Anything I should know ?

Roomeo247 is a registered company in the heart of United Arab Emirates. Our company name is Roomeo247 FZE and we are an Online Travel Agency (OTA) based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates . While booking just read about the hotel policies and make sure you enter the correct details for your hotel booking. You could also have a look at our various videos and carry out simple booking process for your upcoming hotel room booking.

  • Can I get a receipt for my booking ?

If you have registered on our website, you can see your bookings. You will also receive emails regarding your selected payment preference.

  • If I check in late, will I be denied access to the property?

Make sure you let your hotel know about your plans and keep their contact details.

  • Do I have to pay the full amount or just a booking deposit and cash on arrival.

It depends on your selected preference of payment and acceptance of the hotel policies. If you pay by card it will usually be the full amount subjected to hotel policies and taxes.

  • How do I pay upon arrival?

Just arrive at the property , let out your details and pay at the hotel desk. You may have to mention Roomeo247 and your reference number. Please keep a copy of the mails received for any assistance.

  • I have already confirmed my booking, but the dates of my stay have changed. What do I do?

You will have to contact the hotel regarding your query and will also be happy to help you out. Please know that you may be charged for no shows and change in date prices according to hotel policies.

  • I have already confirmed my booking, but the number of guests has changed. What should I do ?

When you confirmed your reservation, you also agreed certain terms and policies with the hotel. If those terms changed, you should contact the property immediately and find out if you will incur new charges. Please always have a look at hotel terms and policies regarding any changes and cancellations.

  • What happens if I booked a property but it doesn’t show up?

This does not take place but please contact us immediately for any assistance.

In the event of this happening, the hotel would receive no funds for the transaction and after investigations will be permanently removed from Roomeo247 .

  • Where can I find about hotel and room amenities ?

All the details about the hotels , facilities and amenities and provided by the hotels to ensure you have have the perfect property.

  • Why do the prices change ?

Price changes take place for every product . Depending on the seasons, market conditions with regard to supply and demand. We try to give you the cheapest prices as we have a unique plan with and for our partners which in-turn are ready to provide you with the best deals available in the market.

  • How can I see where the property is located ?

Have a look at the location maps of the property to find out the location and nearby facilities for your stay.

  • How can I check in once I have reached the property ?

The hotel will provide information about check-in and check-out procedures, directions, keys and emergency contacts. You will need to check with your hotel once you arrive in order to arrange all these details with them. We strongly recommend doing so prior to your arrival.

  • What are my check in and check out timings ?

Check in and check out timings are given by the hotel based on hotel policies. Please read the terms and policies of the hotel.

  • Why aren’t their any reviews of the property I want to go to ?

The property may have just been added to our website after knowing about Roomeo247 and its customers and hence the may not have any reviews as they are just starting. But the world is big and you can find about any property just online and continue your booking process.

  • Can I book more than a single property for our stay?

You are free to book as many properties as you wish. Please contact us too – it means we know that the multiple booking isn’t the result of a mistake or a misunderstanding.

  • Can I book last minute?

Sure. If the property is available, just go for it!



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