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  • How can I rent out my property ?

Its so simple !!! Al you have to do is just click on the Sign up button and Register yourself as a Partner. Go through all the details, add your property descriptions your amazing pictures and your profile is set to go !! . You will also receive a mail from our team regarding your successful registration process. That’s it !!! Next your customers can follow the usual booking process. Kindly let us know if you are using any Channel Manager and then we will make sure we connect directly to you .

  • Is it free to list my property ?

Roomeo247 has an aim of providing the best services to our hotel partners and our customers. We do not charge any fees to hotel for listing out their property. You can add prices of your hotel rooms and the customers will pay you by card or directly at the hotel. Roomeo247 only charges the commission for the room booked at your hotel.

  • How do I describe my property ?

Give a perfect description of your hotel , about your location and all the facilities you offer. Our customers would love to pay the perfect price for the best property.

  • How do I make my property available ?

You can manage your property on your account page. Just look for you Hotel tab and you can manage everything such as dates of availability, prices, cancellation policies, pictures and much more.

  • How will the customers pay me ?

Roomeo247 uses extremely secure payment gateways such as PayPal. If you are not using a channel manager, then customers will pay to Roomeo247 and we will send you the amount after charging our commission. If you are using a channel manager the you could follow the usual payment process. If customers pay directly at the hotel , then we will send an invoice to your hotel.

  • How does my Hotel get paid ?

We can send you the money from our bank account and also to your PayPal account depending on your preference.

  • How to I receive my payments ?

Guests can select the option of paying directly at your hotel . Roomeo247 will then send you a monthly invoice regarding the respective commissions and you could send us via Paypal/Check/Bank transfer.

  • Can I set different prices for our rooms ?

Yes you are free to add any prices for your hotel rooms as well as different prices for different calendar dates. Our system is completely flexible and easy to use.

  • What is “Minimum Stay ” ?

Minimum stay is the number of days required by your hotel for a customer to complete one full day. You can also set your “Check In and “Check Out”  timings accordingly.

  • I am a Professional Property Manager ? Can I list my properties with you ?

Roomeo247 works for the benefit for all our partners. You can Sign up and follow the same procedures for listing your properties. If you have any specific queries you can send us a mail on and our sales team will be available 24/7 .

  • Which countries can I post my property ?

You can Sign up your property from any part of the world. We only request you to enter correct details for our verification and customer satisfaction regarding the property.

  • What amenities can I list ?

We have a list of amenities for you too choose from . If you want to add more just send us a mail on and we will provide you with an updated list which you can modify according to your requirements.

  • How many photos can I add ?

You can add as many photos you want of your property. Just make sure you have a preview of pictures added. If required we will also promote your pictures so your property is out there to our customers.

  • Can I promote my hotel/listing our blogs, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms ?

Yes your property has a unique link and you can share your listings on any platform you prefer.

  • What are cancellation policies ?

Cancellation policies are the terms or general conditions a guest sign’s up for while booking your hotel room. You can add different cancellation policies as you require.

  • Should my calendar always be up to date ?

Yes your calender should be updated with your newest rates and available hotel rooms. You can also do the same directly if you are connected to a channel manager . Kindly send us an email on if you would like to ask any more questions.

  • How can I get more bookings ?

We suggest you to give all your property and hotel room details so our customers can find your hotel easily. Add good quality pictures. Roomeo247 will also help to put your hotel in the front line as we do it by showcasing your hotels on social platforms for the least commision rate against the hotel booking in the entire market.

  • What happens if my hotel receives a negative review ?

Every customer is different and we have to fulfill their requirements. Take a note, improve and host again. We also review the comments posted by our customers. Kindly send us an email on if you have any queries about negative comments posted.

  • How much do I charge ?

Roomeo247 is a solution focused on hotels and our customers. We charge the least commissions per hotel room booking in the entire market. In order to avail the least commission rate, we request you to give a “good” rate as this will help your hotel get more customers. Kindly send us a mail on admin as we would like to send you the details for “least commission rate”.

  • My questions are not answered ?

Roomeo247 is the perfect and cheapest solutions working towards the benefit of hotels. We would love to hear from you. Kindly send us a mail on for any further queries.


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